Mistyq whippets

"Sumu", Pipsqueak Gingernut, "Lune", Mistyq Aamuyön Kuu, "Laulu", Mistyq Ballade & "Muisku", Mistyq Bliss´N Kiss

Co-owned (not living with us):
"Sisu", Mistyq Dazzledragon &
"Unto", Mistyq Cuddlehound.

Our family consists also of gerbils, rabbits Jakki & Joplin,
shetland pony Vommeri "Vomppa"
and humans Jenni & Jouni.


Jenni Ranki
Säilätie 23 A
01280 Vantaa
+358-44-277 17 25

Our Whippets

Our dogpack consists of 4 very different personalities; Mother Sumu and her 3 daughters Lune, Muisku and Laulu. Sumu is the alpha, Lune is the police, Muisku takes care of action and Laulu is the baby.

They have good dynamics in the pack. They´ve never had serious fights and all can eat by a same bowl of food or a bone. They all take care of each other´s ear and eye hygiene, sleep side by side and play with each other.

I have also 2 co-owned whippets that are not living with us; Mistyq Chirpybird "Sumu" and Mistyq Cuddlehound, "Unto".

Our whippets´s collars by Designdogs :)