Mistyq whippets

"Sumu", Pipsqueak Gingernut, "Lune", Mistyq Aamuyön Kuu, "Laulu", Mistyq Ballade & "Muisku", Mistyq Bliss´N Kiss

Co-owned (not living with us):
"Sisu", Mistyq Dazzledragon &
"Unto", Mistyq Cuddlehound.

Our family consists also of gerbils, rabbits Jakki & Joplin,
shetland pony Vommeri "Vomppa"
and humans Jenni & Jouni.


Jenni Ranki
Säilätie 23 A
01280 Vantaa
+358-44-277 17 25

Seelo, Mistyq Alkutähti


(Scheik´s Caruso - Pipsqueak Gingernut)

Male, castrated in spring 2008 (normal testicles).

Owner Ellinoora Halme

Seelo in Koiranet

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Seelo´s photos

Seelo is very social and loves people, dogs and cats. He is active outside (when it´s not raining) but inside he is a real couch potato.

Seelo´s pack consists of a russian toy terrier and 2 cats.

Health: In March 2011 Seelo had a quite small neurological/vestibular seizure. The cause is not identified, it is most probably due to a circulation problem in brain. Before and after that he has been doing fine.