Mistyq whippets

"Sumu", Pipsqueak Gingernut, "Lune", Mistyq Aamuyön Kuu, "Laulu", Mistyq Ballade & "Muisku", Mistyq Bliss´N Kiss

Co-owned (not living with us):
"Sisu", Mistyq Dazzledragon &
"Unto", Mistyq Cuddlehound.

Our family consists also of gerbils, rabbits Jakki & Joplin,
shetland pony Vommeri "Vomppa"
and humans Jenni & Jouni.


Jenni Ranki
Säilätie 23 A
01280 Vantaa
+358-44-277 17 25

Kitri, Mistyq Aurinkosade


(Scheik´s Caruso - Pipsqueak Gingernut)


Owner Riitta Andersson, Kirkkonummi,

Suvi-Illan kissala

Kitri is a divided personality:

She is an absolute darling to people. She loves sitting in your lap, hugging, sleeping at the foot of the bed (under the bed-covers of course!) etc. she is very careful to be the first one to get praise and patting. She also understands little children: with them she is very careful not to make any fast moves or push them in any way.Clearly she recognizes and understands infants.She is very reliable with people of all ages, and usually people love her because she always behaves in such a nice way.

Yet, she is quite a strict boss to her pack: another whippet, a shetland sheepdog and two norwegian forest cats. They´d better not disturb her when she is asleep, nor come anywhere near her bones and other possessions.  She is also an avid hunter: she has strong instincts for it. This sometimes causes problems.

Kitri has had some problems with her thumbs; they are prone to injuries when she is running in forest.

In spring 2007 Kitri fainted once. Her heart was examined with ultrasound to be healthy (murmur 2-3/6), and the cause is believed to be an adrenaline rush. Heart re-examined with ultrasound 29.4.2011; no findings, murmur 1/6.

Her main interests in life are: food, warm and mushy beds, a lot of attention from people, her favourite toys, and chasing after everything that moves.

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