Mistyq whippets

"Sumu", Pipsqueak Gingernut, "Lune", Mistyq Aamuyön Kuu, "Laulu", Mistyq Ballade & "Muisku", Mistyq Bliss´N Kiss

Co-owned (not living with us):
"Sisu", Mistyq Dazzledragon &
"Unto", Mistyq Cuddlehound.

Our family consists also of gerbils, rabbits Jakki & Joplin,
shetland pony Vommeri "Vomppa"
and humans Jenni & Jouni.


Jenni Ranki
Säilätie 23 A
01280 Vantaa
+358-44-277 17 25

Mistyq whippet breeding

We have had puppies now 4 times in 10 years. All our litters are born and raised in our living room/kitchen.

My goal is to breed whippets I would like have myself: 

The most important things are excellent health and excellent personality: a dog to live happily with, without problems. A dog that loves running and agility and all the other activities that an owner wants to participate in, and is mentally and physically able to do them, even as a senior.


All my dogs are health-checked (heart doppler ultrasonography, eye examination, hips&elbows X-rays, knees palpation). All my dogs have left basilar systolic murmurs, and the hearts are examined with doppler ultrasound to be healthy (or without any findings). An article about similar murmurs in greyhounds you can find here.

I don´t accept declawing (or dethumbing) puppies as a routine procedure; if a dog has problems with it´s thumbs as an adult, they can be surgically removed with acceptable anaesthesia and pain reliefe. 

I publish all the health issues of the dogs bred by me on their own pages since I think speaking openly about health is the only way to keep the breed healthy. There are many dog breeds with health problems that are accepted to be part of the breed. I´m happy to believe that whippet is not one of those breeds and hope it never will be.

I prefer a whippet with balanced and confident yet submissive and adulating temperament- dog you can take where ever with you not worrying the dog behaving badly with other dogs, people, new situations, scary places...

Another thing I appreciate in whippets is the energy and positive attitude to learn new tricks, words, agility obstacles or just play with toys whenever owner wants to. Yet if the weather is bad or the owner is busy, they should be able to relax on the sofa until it´s time to unload the batteries.


So my goal (not saying that i´ve achieved it nor it´s even possible) is to breed show type whippets which are healthy, charming pets with body and temperament perfect for any kind of hobbies; showing, coursing, agility, obedience, tracking... and most importantly, whippets that make their owners happy.