Mistyq whippets

"Sumu", Pipsqueak Gingernut, "Lune", Mistyq Aamuyön Kuu, "Laulu", Mistyq Ballade & "Muisku", Mistyq Bliss´N Kiss

Co-owned (not living with us):
"Sisu", Mistyq Dazzledragon &
"Unto", Mistyq Cuddlehound.

Our family consists also of gerbils, rabbits Jakki & Joplin,
shetland pony Vommeri "Vomppa"
and humans Jenni & Jouni.


Jenni Ranki
Säilätie 23 A
01280 Vantaa
+358-44-277 17 25

Kaiku, Mistyq Chatterer

Owner Aleksi Manninen, Helsinki

Born 15.06.2011

(Pipsqueak Qotkansilmä - Mistyq Ballade)

fawn and white


51,8 cm


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8.6.2014 Tammela, Coulter Viv, UK: Good head and ears. Strong neck. Straight in front. Prefer more fill in front. Strong topline. Hindquarters ok. Moved ok. KÄK 4.

7.6.2014 Tammela, Wiersma Wim, Netherlands: Almost 3. Of excellent type, but i´d like to see in dryer condition. Very nice head with good expression and ear carriage. Good teeth. Enouh length of neck. Lovely top- and underline. balanced angulations and good depth of chest. Needs a bit more training to show his movementto his full advantage. seeing fom side shows good movement. AVO ERI, SA.

3.5.2014 Tampere INT, Dryburgh Daanielle, Australia: Well muscled. Good bone. Pleasing head. Long neck. Would like to see better front angulation. Good tight feet. Broad across on back. Would like to see more reach and drive. AVO EH, AVK 3.